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Updated: Jan 6, 2020

These quotes and paraphrases are taken from "Praying the Bible: An Introduction to Lectio Divina" by Mariano Magrassi, OSB.

A rare Greek New Testament papyrus with lines from St John's Gospel

The Majesty of Scripture

For the majesty of Scripture is paramount - the text breathed. Today due to our critical minds we tend to read the text as a history book.


“Scripture is where God is present who speaks to me - I hear His words as if I could see His mouth speaking” H. de Lubac.

This understanding of the Bible as having a conversation with God comes with the flood of images to express the Bibles’ meaning for the spiritual life.

The Table of God

For the sacred Scripture is the table of God where we are fed, where we understand what we, and what we must desire, and to Whom we must lift up our eyes ... There we drink from the fountain of divine knowledge.

This is not abstract knowledge we gain in Lectio Divina, it is saving knowledge. The experiences in the tradition confirm what St. Paul's words to Timothy.

All Scripture is inspired by God and is useful for teaching for reproof for correction and for training in righteousness so that everyone who belongs to God may be proficient, equipped for every good work.” 2 Timothy 3:16 -17.

A Heavenly Letter

The majesty of Scripture as compared to our human language pales before the transcendence of the words; scripture is a heavenly letter.

A Kiss of Eternity

The ancients insisted especially upon the link between scripture and the beatific vision. Scripture opens up the gates of the heavenly kingdom; to understand it here below is already a kiss of eternity. (pg 24)

When Scripture recounts eternal events as though they were happening in time it causes those who are accustomed to temporal thoughts, to pass imperceptibly to those of eternity.” St. Gregory.


Reading is seen as an anticipated vision of divine glory. (pg 25)

A Living Book

Since it is a living word Scripture implies the present of the life-giving Holy Spirit, and the Word of God expressed therein. Entering the human heart, God’s divine touch sets its strings vibrating.

An Inexhaustible Mystery

Growth in insights into the realities and words that are being passed on… This comes about through contemplation and study of believers who ponder these things in their hearts.

In Search of the Beloved

Reading scripture it is not so much a matter of reading a book as of seeking Someone.

Exegesis is not technique; it is mysticism.

[Exegesis is a critical explanation or interpretation of a text.]

This is how the Lord leads the soul to intimacy with Him – successive stages of intimacy corresponding to the 3 senses of Scripture: historical, moral, and mystical.

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