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The Prayer for Beginning the Spiritual Exercises: The Anima Christi

The Prelude: God is Love

This adventure begins with a “Prelude” where we encounter through the scriptures, God who is love, reflecting upon His unconditional love and invitation to greater freedom.


Focus: And each session in the Prelude - are preparation days we consider the gifts of God‘s ongoing creation in the world and in us; in there we pray for the generous spirit of gratitude and off for those gifts in our lives and to share and savor the beauty of God‘s unconditional love for us as His beloved.

Retreat in the Everyday #1 God is Love loving

Retreat in the Everyday #2  God’s Ongoing Creation - Living in God

The Ignatian Adventure  Images of God pg 55

Retreat in the Everyday #3 Created to be the Beloved of God


Retreat in the Everyday #4 Longing For - Invitation to Freedom

Principle & Foundation

Ignatian Indifference, Attachments and more

Retreat in the Everyday #5 Listening to God who Speaks - Intimacy

The Examen

The Ignatian Adventure Prayer & Saints pg 51

The Ignatian Adventure Distractions in Prayer pg 53

Retreat in the Everyday #6 God Call to Me

Newman: Some Definite Service

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