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Ministry Offerings

  • I offer spiritual formation, spiritual direction around particular life events,  and ongoing monthly.

  • For those who desire to have a deeper personal relationship with Jesus Christ- to know Him more intimately, to love Him more dearly, and to serve others in Christ;

    • I offer accompaniment in The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius; share the tradition's methods of praying with scripture and why they are different from reading and studying. 

  • ​For those who desire a deeper prayer life:

    • I share from the tradition the various prayer methods of Lectio Divina, Ignatian Meditation and, Contemplation, Colloquy, and Prayer of Silent Love. And the various ways of mental (interior) and vocal prayers.​

  • For those who desire to notice more of God’s activity in their daily life and to grow in virtue and holiness day by day;

    • I share the Examen prayer and its foundational underlying principles for developing a reflective discerning mind and heart.

  • For those who desire to discover God‘s will for their life;

    •  I will share the Ignatian way of decision-making and his rules of discernment of spirits, and understanding of your interior movements (consolation and desolation). 

  • For those who desire to sense more of the Holy Spirit‘s presence, and/ or how to listen more attentively to how God speaks to them;

    • I share the way our bodies have been designed by God, and how our physiology and different faculties operate for noticing, awareness, attention, intention, and affectivity.

  • During accompaniment and within the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises, I help others understand how God designed the body - how the brain/mind operates based upon some of the most recent neuroscience findings, with the base teachings on the soul's operations from Thomas Aquanis' perspective. 

Ministry Services 

  • General Spiritual Direction


  • Formational Spiritual Direction

            Weekly or Bi-monthly Individualized Focused Sessions

  • Directed Retreats

            Time frame varies 

            See Welcome Page for Starting Times

  • The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius

            18th Annotation The Ignatian Encounter  – 12 Week

            19th Annotation – The complete Spiritual Exercises “Retreat in Everyday Life”



Monday to Friday

USA Eastern Time Zone 

Works with International Time Zones


Standard Spiritual Direction Sessions - 45m. 

Stipends for spiritual direction sessions range from $45 -$65

     (*per session fee may change based upon frequency; or those on disability).

Extended Sessions beyond an hour are available. 


Payments are accepted via Paypal or Zelle (or check)





Wellness Service Offerings

Stress Management & Resiliency Training 

Health & Wellness Modification Coaching

Call for Fee Structure 

When requested, I use coaching methods with evidence-based clinical tools to support one's natural self-care choices regarding diet, sleep, and exercise so as to care for the body.

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