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  • As a complementary care clinician, I integrate the principles of Ignatian Spirituality with health and wellness counseling. 

  • As an Ignatian spiritual director, I integrate my knowledge and experience as a clinician in providing spiritual care counsel. 



Today, the healthcare community recognizes there are three essential components of personal health: Mind, Body, and spirit... (spirit - small capital letter - as a generic term similar to a life philosophy lived out, implying there is a transcendent nature to the person such as beauty, truth, and goodness;  but not as those who believe in an eternal Soul (spirit) or the Spirit living within (God as the Holy Spirit).


There are three essential elements promoted in the Allopathic model in the health care system:

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Surgery

  • Self-Care 


The 3 mind and body practices most used in the Integrative model for health care:

  • Yoga (as exercise, not as a religious practice) and Other Exercises

  •  Neuro-Muscular Therapies 

  • Meditation (as in Mindfulness, not as a religious practice)


Research has shown that one's 'spirituality has a direct relationship to one's health and wellbeing, in addition to how resilient one is in handling the inevitable stresses of life.


In Mind-Body Medicine circles 'spirituality' is seen as a way of proceeding in life by utilizing certain 'evidenced-based methods of 'Self-Care interventions' that begin and end with the Self to find one's meaning and purpose. Yet most of the mind-body methods are taken directly from the religious traditional methods that have been used in prayer for thousands of years. 


Today the statement "being spiritual but not religious" may imply there is no transcendent Creator or  an 'Other' as something to be tethered to, and a 'One' that is not involved directly or indirectly in our lives. The self-evident results of leaving out the one Creator God, in my observations, have created far much more stress, anxiety, and alienation from one's true self.



Mind/Body Medicine 

Spirituality  = Health? (potentiality of the Mind and Body)

The Self-Care essential element added in both the Allopathic and Integrative models is:

  • Spirituality as a life philosophy 


Soul/Body Medicine

Spirituality (with God) = Health? (of the Soul, and potentiality of the Mind and Body)

The Self-Care primary essential element missing in both Allopathic and Integrative models is:

  • Spirituality is expressed in relation to the Creator, others, and self* 


3 Health & Wellness Programs 

Call (203) 629-2727 to schedule an initial Spirituality & Health Self-Care consultation


With 40 years of experience in practice with thousands of patients and clients; with a foundation of ongoing studies on wellness, health and disease, internal medicine, neuroscience, biomechanics, history of spirituality and religions, theology, spiritual care counseling, bioethics, virtues, and research studies on its relationship to health -  my focus is to share natural health-filled ways of living in order to flourish more fully in the midst of life's stresses, so as to be graced with the strength of peace that passes all understanding in co-creating with God, life for oneself and others, with true joy in life.

1. S.M.A.R.T

Stress Management and Resiliency Training 

Mind-Body Medicine for Lifestyle Transformation

A 6-week program offered in person or virtually, topics covered

  1. Meditation

  2. Cognitive Reappraisals

  3. Social Support

  4. Exercise

  5. Nutrition

  6. Restorative Sleep - Sleep Hygiene 


For Body & Soul

A 6-week program offered in person or virtually, topics covered.

  • 8 Mind-Body-Breath Exercises

     for Stress Management and Resiliency

  • A 2 Step Centering Meditation Method

      Body-Brain Health

      Body-Soul Health (Faith Factor)

  • Two Integrative Methods for Mind-Soul Care

    • The Examen

           Self-Awareness in Gratitude      

  • Mind-Body Awareness

          Stress Signals

  • Cognitive Reappraisal

                Cognitive Reappraisal Exercise

                Awareness & Cognitive Reappraisal Log

Handouts and Research Available

3. SPIRITUAL CARE: Fundamentals

Vision & Mission for Spiritual and Whole Person Distress 

The Ignatian Way of Proceeding

1. The Principle and Foundation 

2. Meaning & Purpose

3. Vision: Life as Gift

4. Gratitude in the Care of the Soul

5. Our Bodies are Tuned for God

6. Christ as Mentor: Our Call & Mission

7. Destiny: Desires, Love &  Joy

8. The 8 Powers of the Soul

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