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Retreats in the Everyday: A Self-Directed Retreat

  1. Review or reread About Ignatian Spirituality

  2. In the BLOG study, the Prayer of the Examen, then practice it every day.

  3. In the BLOG, read  "Praying with Scriptures."

  4. In the BLOG, become familiar with the two types of Ignatian Prayer methods of prayer with scripture - Meditation Contemplation (Imaginative Prayer)

5. Best to start with #1 Retreats in the Everyday and continue, yet move as you feel led.




In the Retreats in the Everyday you will notice there is a title, either Mediation or Contemplation, before a selection of scriptures. There, you use the prayer method that applies.


These are the Orientations, Dispositions, or also called the Preludes to the Spiritual Exercises  (19th Annotation or 30-Day Retreat),  with passages from the Hebrew and Christian bible for your reflection to come to know, love, and serve Christ's call in your life.


These spiritual exercises unfold through a dynamic process of self-awareness to help you to be more attentive to God’s activity in your life to what God is calling us to in nurturing  your spiritual discernment in "Finding God in all Things."



Themes & Topics 

  • God’s Unconditional Love for Me – Ignatian Contemplation / Grace of Gratitude

  • The Garden of God: God’s Creation Created Through Love  - Ignatian Contemplation / Interior Movements

  • The Making of Me - The Breath of God

  • Longing for God –  Ignatian Meditation (Lectio Divina) / Natural Spiritual Experiences

  • Awareness of God’s Presence – The Daily Examen: A Prayer of Graced Awareness

  • Listening to our God who speaks in Dreams - Prayer of Quiet  / Operations of the Soul, Spirituality of the Heart 

  • God’s Call to Me – Ignatian Contemplation / Vocational Spirituality / Discernment

  • Into the Silence - The Language of God & the Spirituality of Heart

  • Contemplation Entering the Mystical - Stillness, Solitude & Silence

  • An Invitation to Grace - Healing/God's Ongoing Creative Action in Me

  • God, the Giver of all Gifts - Jesus Christ, the Light of the World


Several texts were used in providing background information and support materials, in particular  Moment by Moment: A Retreat in Everyday Life by Carol Ann Smith, SHCJ and Eugene Mertz, SJ; and The Ignatian Adventure, a text by Kevin O’Brien, SJ.  I take no credit for writing up this material; they are from my study notes and personal retreats. 

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