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"Healing Through Grace"

Looking with Christ in the Present, for the Past to Heal for the Future

For those who desire a road map for healing, wholeness, and interior freedom

The foundation of Healing through Grace is rooted in the spiritual traditions of the Catholic Church. It is an individualized plan of accompaniment in which one discerns those areas God is calling one into freedom from disordered attachments and the burdens of shame to heal past wounds to experience what one was, is, and always will be God's beloved. 


The process integrates evidence-based wellness methods with spiritual practices that are rooted in the Catholic tradition.* 

Through praying with prescribed spiritual exercises within a session and in-home retreats, one applies various ancient methods of prayer and self-examination tools within Christ's active presence. In moving through one's interior landscape using one's faculties of intellect, will, and imagination, one prays through those particular life's complexities, interpreting the spiritual experiences and through the process of discernment of the 'spirits' in discovering God's will and healing.


This is a spiritual process that serves the whole person, holding a balance at the threshold between prayer and everyday life with its challenges as one travels along the path through purgative, illuminative, and unitive ways. Here, the fruits of the Spirit spring forth through the grace of God's gifting as one interprets the dynamic interplay of the head, heart, and hands (mind, body, and soul).

Within Healing Through Grace, one becomes familiar with how God designed us and the operations of the brain/mind and body from insights on recent findings in neuroscience, along with introductions on the teachings on the soul's operations from Aquinas' perspective. In addition, one is introduced to the integrating tools of evidence-based research with wellness coaching methods in stress management and resiliency training to support one's self-care, along with insights on natural modifications for diet, sleep, and exercise to care for the body that houses one's soul.


Inquiry Session – 30 minutes – no fee

   What is Healing Through Grace

   Who is it for

Initial Consultation

   History and Assessment


   Planning the Road Map Together


   45 Minutes/ 1x Week/ Individualized Timeframe


* During accompaniment, one is introduced to the ways and methods from the Church's traditions that scientists have been researching using advanced technology and updated psychosocial-spiritual assessment tools to prove their effectiveness on health. To support the health of the body and mind, healthcare providers have looked to apply those ancient methods of prayer as various therapeutic modalities based on psychological theories. Yet God, who is the ultimate source of all life and healing, our foundation of true identity has been extracted, leaving only the 'Self' in an abyss of isolation, leading to spiritual desolation and possibly leading to a decline in one's psychosocial physical health and a existential crisis. 

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